Carbon Fibre Computer

This Coming soon page is around the Icone computer. We originally designed the Icone back at the beginning of 2000s when the UK had a freak heatwave, like we had again two decades later in 2022 and computers were grinding to a halt as thermal dissipation back then in the early 2000's was getting out of hand and even the power supply on my then cutting edge desktop was struggling.


Sometime after this came the mac pro "trash can" which had a cult following and ironically was the shape of some of our early prototyes we may well share in the future. But in short, round wasn't as good at cooling or housing components.

Key was the oval to round shape, but also the materials which contribute to the cooling and enable the shape to made and other simple benefits, such as stackabaility for sustainability of production and more benefits we cannot get into in a maintanence / coming soon page.

We still largely house expensive components that run our lives and our livlihoods in mostly cheap plastic and tin cases that are bulky and inneffient and then just throw cheap fans and heastinks at the problem in the way we look at even sustainability as a whole, or any problem in general today: Peacemeal random isolated activities while talking (but not doing) a "holistic" approach.


"Revolutionary Cooling" quote from thermal dynamicist modelling and real life tests... Origibally done 20 years ago with PC components and small servers / access points (only option then) now being recreated for Mac, PC and ARM embedded devices.


Back in 2000's the only option was PC, Apple has less than 5% of the market and intel was everything. The world has now changed and we will be brining out versions to rehouse different logic boards (The original full size was developed around the ITX format, and the icone mini around the 3.5" embedded PC board format). for now you have this video:

Alas the old logo will change, anc come in line with the rest of the assets with the infinite drawable but unmakable circle, but it... yep an I in the middle...